St Peter's Preschool

‘Playing, learning, growing, in a safe and caring environment.’

St Peter’s Preschool has been operating in the South Tamworth area for 50+ years. It was opened in 1969 and held in the original church buildings at 34 Vera Street, South Tamworth. There have been many past children bringing their own children back to attend the Preschool, as they have fond memories of their time here as children. This indicates the important local history and valuable contribution that St Peters Preschool has made in providing consistent, quality early childhood education in South Tamworth and the entire Tamworth Regional Council area.

St Peter’s Preschool believes that quality early childhood education is the foundation for all other learning. The aim of the Preschool is to provide equal access to education for all children regardless of ability, race, ethnic background, religion, or economic status. Each child’s individual needs are met in all developmental areas.

Our Preschool continues to provide a safe and secure environment with kind, compassionate staff to meet the individual developmental needs of the children. At all times a fully inclusive program is offered. It is part of St Peter’s Preschool philosophy to teach Christian values and continue to work alongside St Peters Church. It is also essential to build strong, lasting, trusting relationships with all families and nurture their strengths as parents. One of St Peters Preschool ongoing strengths in the community is the provision of quality education which greatly assists the child for their adventure into ‘big school’.

For further information, contact the supervisor, Faye Rankins on 6765 7804 or by email:

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